Hybrid working is here to stay

It’s a hot topic for employers and candidates. The pandemic quickened the pace for flexible working by offering a glimpse into what working from home can be like. Hybrid working has emerged as the solution and appears to be the happy medium for everyone.

Hybrid working means employees work 2-3 days at home and the rest of the week in the workplace.

According to Microsoft, 87% of UK businesses have adapted to offer staff a mix of home and office working. Microsoft also found that over half (56%) of people report an increase in their happiness when they work from home. A similar number (55%) are using their lunch break to focus on their personal life by doing things like exercising. So it’s easy to see why hybrid working is so attractive.

However, it’s not all plain sailing. Almost a third (31%) of people said they feel they have to be twice as productive when they work from home. Something that is backed by 52% saying they are working longer hours and taking fewer breaks.

For Personal Assistant and Executive Assistant roles, hybrid working will open the door to a new level of flexibility. While employers will have to be open to offering it as an option if they are to attract the best staff.

Communication apps such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and even Apple Facetime have made face-to-face conversations and team meetings possible wherever and whenever. Allowing interaction that avoids the need for long emails or the sometimes complicated logistics of getting everyone into one room.

While there is still work for employers to do in preserving the culture of their company when employees are not all on site together, we welcome the hybrid working revolution. It gives employers the opportunity to take better care of their staff by giving them greater freedom and choice. While employees who might not have applied for roles that require a longer commute may be willing to travel further once or twice a week for their dream role.

As far as we can see, it’s a progressive development that benefits employers, candidates and the recruitment industry as a whole.

Source: https://query.prod.cms.rt.microsoft.com/cms/api/am/binary/RWxQhj

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